24 March 2016


This is an empty blog.
It is as empty as my house is full.
Full of clutter, rubbish, hoarded items which were choking me for a long time.
I didn't really realize it until now.

Hoarding with excuse

I was always trying to take care of the planet, recycling and such, but I am also guilty of enjoying shopping too much.
And I have not been throwing things away, because I am a hand-crafter too, so everything can be re-used. Right? No.
Problem is that I don't have time for crafting at the moment, and all my crafting materials started looking like regular junk.
As much as it pains me majority will have to go.

Kitchen management disaster

Also... My kitchen looks like hell. I have so many accessories, so much kitchen equipment, and lots and lots of food.
Some inevitably always gets wasted, some can be stored forever until it gets forgotten. Then I buy some more of it, and at some occasion get a nasty surprise that we already had, lets say dark rice, and now have 4 kilograms of it and will have to eat it for months to come.

We will all drown in plastic one day

Rubbish also bothered me to no end. Especially plastics.
We've all seen the famous infographics about how harmful plastics are, and if you're a rare breed that haven't here it is:

Working mum zero waste doubts

And suddenly, yes, because I am such a slow-poke, I've found and article about Bea Johnson. Actually my partner has found it and sent over.

My first thoughts were:
My god... she says it isn't more expensive, but even getting all containers replaced with nice glass ones in one go is going to kill my budget!
Also, her work isn't like mine, where I spend 8 hours at my desk far from home, and 2 hours commuting. I really want to spend the rest with my daughter, and not worrying about zero waste dinner for tonight.

But still. What if it actually is manageable?
If I could de-clutter my house?
What if I could in the end manage my family's life better?

That's why I want to try.