24 March 2016

Know your plastics

I have touched this touchy subject in my first post, but this topic really bothers me.

I remember listening to an old radio interview from the 1950s and it struck me that people were so crazy about plastic there because it was durable, colourful and they didn't have to deal with tonnes of leftovers of it...

So much different now. But still, enter any shop and look around. What do you see?
Packages upon packages of things. 90% plastic. Or paper covered in plastic (yes milk cartons for example, or baby food). Kitchen utensils, house cleaning equipment, clothes.

Everything these days seems to be made of plastic.

And it isn't safe. But we chose to ignore it.
We know more and more and younger people fall to cancer and there may be a connection, but we opted to ignore it.

But there are people who are bothered.
Take a look.