16 April 2016

Cleansing pads

I've found my perfect pads on Etsy!

They've arrived today and are such a great idea. Washable, two-sided (soft and slightly rougher one), made of organic cotton, and for a great price too!
Since I use two to 4 when removing make-up, but not every day, because I don't wear heavy make-up so most days warm water and soap does it, two packs of these will be more than enough for me.

So far I've been using a brand which sells 200 pads for £2. Great price, eh? But they aren't even organic, not to mention that they come in heavy non-recyclable packaging and are a waste themselves.

Now I'll have something which will last me definitely longer than those 200 and doesn't create waste at all :D

As you can see they came in lovely paper wraps, optionally Michelle can create a sweet fabric bag for them.


  1. Thank you so much for the great post :)

    1. My pleasure! They are so versatile. Only yesterday I've used one to treat a scratch on my daughter's hand, and several days ago they were amazing at helping with conjunctivitis I've contracted. Washed and clean, don't leave any fluff like normal cotton pads. I have even cleaned my glasses with a partially used one ;) Brilliant!