08 April 2016

Glass Containers

Humid & relatively warm (never too cold or too hot).
Ideal place for fungi to attack your food.
I need air tight containers.
And I want them to not be made of plastic.
I already use a bunch of glass ones in my fridge, but those are smaller and are not all right for flour, rice and other such things.

So I thought to myself I need proper weck-type glass jars.
Too bad in this country they are looked at as posh accessories to display your collection of colourful chillies rather than kitchen storage equipment.
Hence, they are sold with labels worded along the line of: "pretty", "unique", and some such. And of course with this comes price tag. For the love of all things, what normal person would want to store flour (hidden inside a cupboard) in a Kilner jar that cost well over 5 pounds.
I know some would say what? 5 quid is a lot for you? (Others would just agree I know).
No 5 quid is not a lot, but if I want to store lentils, and three types of flour and Basmati rice and wild rice, and so on... I'd have to spend close to 100 pounds on those jars alone! Come on.
In countries where people still make pickles at home, such as Eastern Europe, Greece and such you can buy those jars for a fraction of the price.
But then transport costs a lot, so even though we're in EU it's just not viable to order them from abroad.

And who knew I'd be saved by my own laziness.
I needed pots for my garden, but the weather was bad and I didn't want to drive far on that day, so I started looking for a place closer to home. And I've found The Range department store.
Not that it's posh, and that's the point. Majority of the stuff there is cheap and not so great quality, but I've found salvation there ;)

2.99 for a 1.7 litre one and 1.99 for a 1.1 litre.

If you look at their website they also have a healthy collection of Kilner jars too, but they just weren't at the physical shop when I was there.

However, I'd still opt for the ones above. They're not so pretty, and possibly not so good quality, but good enough for me and my flours :)