18 May 2016

Clothes upcycling, mending and reusing

Enjoy a collection of amazing ideas for dealing with clothes when they are nearing state when most people would just throw them away, as well as some suggestions as to what to do when your clothes get stained for example.

I am not the author of these tips, and I doubt people who shared them are either, but to give them due I will note that those come from an amazing thread on Quora: What are some dressing hacks everyone should know?

This is an extremely long thread and not all of the suggestions are about re-using or mending clothes, so I thought it worth to fish for the most relevant ones. I hope you like them.

or cool patch with matching stitching:

Sew old or cheap bra cups into a backless dress
Did you say you need a special bra for a backless dress? No stick-on bra, no multi-way bra, just an old cheap bra is what you really need.

    This one is well known, but just in case you don't know it and your zipper is misbehaving...

    You can also freeze it off any clothes.

    Stop your jeans from bleeding by washing it with salt.

    If you lose your earring backing, tear a pencil eraser from the back of a pencil. If you press the eraser onto the earring where it sticks out behind your ear (where the missing backing used to go) it will work just as well and keep your earring on.

    And some general advice on how to make your clothes serve you longer

    Not exactly a dressing hack, but still: A bra should NOT be washed after each wear, only when it has been worn three-four times (or when it looks dingy or when it doesn't smell fresh). By not washing it so often you make it last a lot longer. Knickers, on the other hand, should obviously be washed after each wear. So - in order not to be stranded with a bra that cannot be used because it has no matching knickers, BUY THREE PAIRS OF KNICKERS FOR EACH BRA.

    Learn to pay attention to the fabric/material of any item while purchasing. Do not fall for 70%-80% sales.

    Invest in items which you think you will wear even after 4-5 years.

    A lot of classic well-made things can be found in the second-hand shops if you don't have much money.

    Simple budget shoe hacks infographic

    This hack might save a lot of closet space