04 May 2016

Mobile phones - zero waste ideas

This time of the year we are bombarded with the newest, most flashy mobile phones adverts and even with very unyielding will it is hard to walk by unaffected.

I decided years ago that I will only ever replace my mobile phone every two versions, hence, this year I am safe :)
That's, of course, my private decision, you may choose to do it differently, what's important though is to remember that your old phone is still very valuable

Factory Recycling

Usually, mobile companies will offer you a "recycling" option, which means a hassle free offer to just pack your old mobile and send it back for a fraction of price.

If you value your time, this is a good way of ensuring your phone will get up-cycled and offered to someone else as a refurbished upgrade.

Second hand sales

But remember that you will usually get a better price selling on Ebay, Amazon or Shpock.
But if your phone is severely damaged it can still get sold for parts, or simply given away through freegle or freecycle. Someone may be able to upcycle it in the most unbelievable ways. It could also get used in kids school projects.
If computer parts can be reused like this, mobile phones can too!


I love the ManArt initiative! It's from the USA, but it'd be great to see more like this here in the UK.
What they say about themselves:
ManArt is an upcycling initiative. We are a creative collective with an eye for repurposing objects and giving them a second, more interesting, more aesthetically-pleasing life.

Mobile Clock
Mobile Clock


You can also check Instructables for their manuals on building cool things out of upcycled electronics.
I particularly like the Too Many Chargers idea because it helps to de-clutter your house!

Ladies who have problems getting your husbands on zero waste board might find it easier with instructables ;)