13 June 2016

Kitchen utensils

What I really don't like is the plastic that touches my food. Just the thought of it makes me cringe, yet there are so many actually pretty plastic utensils it is amazing how easy it is to fall down that hole.

When we made the resolution to stop using stuff that harms our environment we noticed how much of our kitchen needs replacing:

Stunning and completely non-eco-friendly utensils (ABS plastic is not only not biodegradable but also made from non-renewable resources!)
What we use instead are stainless steel:

And since these are not suitable for surfaces that can get scratched we also have some bamboo ones:

Chopping boards are also to be replaced. We used these lovely, and quite useful:

Now we use bamboo ones: Not only are they more eco-friendly but also easier to clean and smoother than wooden ones:

Instead of a host of plastic containers we had:

Product Details Product DetailsProduct Details

We have moved to glass, steel and ceramics (I really love the garlic one!!!):

Product Details

Kitchen Craft Classic Collection Ceramic Garlic Jar

Product Details

Kilner Square Clip Top Jar 1.5ltr

Product Details

We also had this (I must say very useful dish drainer):
As pretty as it is, in my household supplied with mostly hard and very hard water it quickly changed into a hideous calcite covered piece of garbage, which I really wanted to replace!!! I don't like wooden ones because they don't dry quick enough, this is England...

So what we bought instead is your old but very useful steel one, which is so much easier to clean and because it is more open dishes dry quicker in it.
It also isn't very big, which promotes organised cleaning ;) You simply have to take those dishes of off it and put them away.

We are slowly replacing our strainer/bowl/measuring cups set:

With your good old metal and glass things. 
Three major points in favour of those are:
  1. Ease of cleaning (plastic gets scratched and starts collecting dirt easier)
  2. Heat resistance (some of the pieces of that set got damaged with heat and stopped stacking nicely, I'm not even thinking what they seeped into our food!)
  3. Dishwasher and oven safe glass bowls, make reheating and storage a bliss! Why did we ever start using plastics in the kitchen?! I like pyrex bowls especially because of that. They also come in a lot of sizes so you can stack them up nicely and save space.

Product Details
Pyrex Glass Bowl, 3.0L
Master Class Large Stainless Steel Fine-Mesh Sieve, 20.5 cm (8")

We all know plastic funnels, right? 

Product Details
I was extremely pleased to find that not only you can replace them with something eco, but also UPGRADE!
How? How about a funnel with removable filter :) I love it.
Again with this one you don't have to worry that the liquid is too hot.
Kitchen Craft 13cm Funnel With Removable Filter