07 January 2017

Upcycled clothes go mainstream?

Upcycled porcupine quill,
upcycled turquoise,
vintage chain,
I shouldn't be asking it.

When Emma Watson wore her multipurpose gown made from recycled plastic bottles at the 2016 Met Gala, the entire eco-friendly world held its breath.
Not only she looked stunning, but also made an important statement.
That seems very mainstream, right?

Not really.
What can be done for a star on a one-off piece of clothing, may not necessarily be an option for us, everyday bread eaters.

If we want to stay green, we use Freegle and Freecycle, to get rid or find some free things (works particularly well for children's clothes and household stuff), or Ebay and Shpock, to buy second hand.
Less online minded go to local charity shops, and I must tell you, my newly made friend met a the train station is a master in finding amazing pieces and splendid second-hands.

But new things? Like Emma? Nope.

Or maybe?

Only yesterday someone pointed me to a website Modafirma. It is a social fashion platform that offers designs of pre-selected independent fashion designers from all over the world.
Their target demographic focuses on 20 somethings and or Millenials within the 24-35 age group.

But that's not so unusual, what is worth noting though is that they make a lot of effort to advertise their eco-friendly designers.

Have a look:

100% Recycled Denim

Kente dress

Glass Bottle Bag


Upcycling Fashion



We do the Eco Friendly Swimwear the African Way


I'd say they look pretty good.

Granted, not the cheapest, but these are actually designer stuff. Unique. Stylish and New (in a green way) :)

What do you think?