15 April 2016

Community - list of websites and feeds from UK

For a short time I felt like I'm a lone because I am such a slowpoke, and jumped on the train too late, and zero waste movement was just another short term craze because most of the blogs and site I've found were huge but very inactive. As in last posts from 2010!

But then I've started looking and found a massive group of people. Most are like lonely islands in an ocean of people creating mess, but they're there! There's hope :D

Anyway, I thought it'd be cool to create a list of all those good websites, twitter accounts, and actions which are fueling this movement. Not only for myself (as I am forgetful) and for you my reader, but also for the authors, so that they see their efforts are appreciated. There's a lot of them, so I'll just make a list of UK based people and Surrey and Hampshire based actions.


Zero Waste Week is a grassroots campaign raising awareness of the environmental impact of waste and empowering participants to reduce waste. Their physical address is:
My Zero Waste
St. Georges House
29 St. Georges Road
Cheltenham, Glos GL50 3DU
United Kingdom

Recycle for Surrey is a part of the Surrey Waste Partnership. They have started a blog covering the works and suggestion by the group of volunteers taking part in it.

Keep Britain Tidy has been working to keep our country clean for nearly 60 years.

Formed more than half century ago by The National Federation of Women’s Institutes.  Inspired to take action because of the increasing 'throwaway culture' in the post-war boom of the 1950s, they wanted to stamp out the rising problem of litter.

Freecycle.org logo
The worldwide Freecycle Network is made up of many individual groups across the globe. It's a grassroots movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

Don’t throw it away – give it away on Freegle! You might not need that old sofa or wheelbarrow any more – but there might be someone just round the corner who does. Or if there’s something you’d like, someone nearby might have one.

Smart living that doesn't cost the earth
Smart Living is Hampshire County Council's waste prevention and lifestyle initiative.

Streetbank is here to help you do three things:
  1. Give things away – find a grateful neighbour for stuff you no longer need
  2. Share things – like ladders and drills, that go unused much of the time
  3. Share skills – like DIY, languages and gardening, that neighbours might need help with

People @ Twitter:

Rae Strauss


Rachelle is THE force of the movement and if you just look at her enormous following list on twitter you will never run out of good ideas, people and organisations to follow and news to read: