29 April 2016

Filtering online shopping by lifestyle

I have been following mySupermarket since the day they were in beta.
I liked the idea really, but I've found it a bit cumbersome, because in the end when I tried shopping through them they saved me some money, but I lost so much more time!
At that point, I had Tesco saving my favourites automatically when I was shopping and offering me discounts for products I liked. They still do that, and that's why I remain somewhat loyal.
Sainsbury's had the best organic meats (among supermarkets that is) and fit beautifully in my busy schedule.
Waitrose had eggs, fish and dairy that simply was that one step better. Also more eco-friendly.

But it all needed a lot of travel, planning and time loss. I simply don't have that. Or rather don't want to waste my precious hours grocery shopping, queuing and finding a parking spot.

On top of that, I am what you'd call a difficult customer.
I want:

  • Organic
  • Eco-Friendly (sustainable sources, and no plastics for packaging)
  • Cruelty-Free
  • without MSG
  • Non-GMO
  • and ideally Fairtrade too.
Crazy, right?

So far only bananas fit that list in every respect, but one can't live on bananas only ;)

So I've just logged into mySupermarket and found out this amazing filter:

I love it. It solves so many of my issues in one go.

Of course, it's not ideal, if I choose all of the above and then search for cream, none of them remain really, but that's up to producers, really. Why can't I have cream in a glass bottle?