21 April 2016

No waste = no hunger, what Europeans don't know about the Green Third World

Popular media feed us stories how the third world is only creating trash and we in Europe are so into cleaning the planet, which is not true.

Neither are some of my neighbours particularly into sorting their trash, not to mention cutting their landfill waste, but luckily nor are the less developed countries evil either.

This one idea seems to be maybe the first step towards something better, but hopefully, there are followers.

Pappadavada, a restaurant in Kochi, India, has found a brilliant way to feed the hungry.
Instead of throwing away unfinished food, the restaurant is encouraging their customers and other people to put leftover food in a refrigerator placed just outside their eatery. The food will then be available for free for hungry people to take – no conditions, no questions asked at all.

read more at the source: Elite Readers

China is responsible for 25% of carbon emission into Earth atmosphere, and the general consensus is that they are the evil of ecology on our planet, but is that so?

see: 5 of China’s Green Initiatives That Will Put Us to Shame

Korea Zero Waste Movement Network has been reporting such cool things it really is a shame not more European places adopt them!
For example, there was a Fast-food Franchisee Without Disposables Opened in Seoul, also, they work hard towards fast-food chains to stop using disposable cutlery, cups and plates.

This is a plague here truly!
Whenever I have to eat out I compare everything to really simple food stalls in Central London where you will get your food packed in biodegradable paper boxes with wooden forks.
But even quite posh places will put plastic cutlery into my bag more often than not. Sometimes even when explicitly told not to. Sigh.