02 May 2016

0wasties or how we use our veg and fruit entirely

Now this is a very good idea if I may make this quite bold statement about our latest find.

We've managed to buy second-hand Angel 7500 juicer.

New ones are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny!
What's so different about it? It's a perfect zero waste juice maker. The bigger container collects liquid while the smaller gathers everything else in an almost entirely dried state.

You can easily juice every root vegetable in it, fruit rinds, nuts and seeds.
With nuts you can make home-made peanut butter, or chocolate spread.

We started a daily routine of drinking veg-fruit juice every morning. What we aim for is one leafy green veg to boost our iron intake (baby spinach is amazing for it) and some fruit to get flavour with vitamins and microelements.

Today's juice ingredients (plus 3 carrots). Notice, we don't remove seeds or rinds. 

Juice on the left, dried remains of the fruit on the right.

So what makes this contraption especially suited for non-waste life?
You can use the leftovers and make cookies out of them.Citrus rinds might be a bit too bitter, but I use them anyway,
A bit of vanilla or cinnamon as means of enriching the taste, and an egg to glue everything together, 10 minutes in pre-heated oven, and we end up with delicious, gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free 0wasties :)

0wasties :)
This way we can use all remains such as mango peels, throwaway vegetable stems and pieces of roots. Remains can also go to compost, and because they come in very small pieces they will decompose quicker