13 May 2016

Practical upcycling and reusing ideas

There are very many ideas for upcycling trash or reusing old items in new adventurous or imaginative ways.
A lot of them turn old junk into pieces of art. But what I really am amazed at are purely practical uses, even better zero-waste promoting ones.
Here is my list of favourites, I hope you like it too!

Sanitary pads made of old baby rompers
source, and a detailed manual on how to do it here.

Beautiful candles made from  old candle wax and teacups.
source here

Amazing lamp made of plastic bottles and disposable spoons

Plastic bottles turned into broom

Old suitcases turned sofas

Comfortable sofa made from suitcase:

or side table

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas - 62 Pics:

Some of my ideas :)

Reuse disposable paper or plastic plates (even used, but cleaned ones) to protect your frying pans from scratching when storing in a pile. Just alternate pans with plates.

Use old cards or paper gift boxes to decorate and create your own. Cut into smaller pieces can turn into interesting "3D" embellishments.

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