13 June 2016

Zero-waste cleansing routine for an acne prone skin

My skin has always been a problematic one.
It seemed like it stopped at a teenage stage and refused to mature! It is almost fine because even now at 40 I have no wrinkles, but the acne! I'd gladly trade some of it for fine crow's feet.
On top of that, I have a dry combination skin which makes it particularly hard to take care of it. And when I say dry I mean dry like sandpaper, not just slightly dry. While my T-zone can be dripping oil in hot weather. Cosmetic disaster.

I've tried creams, masques, dermatological treatments, some crazy expensive and the results were at best temporary. Until I've found the oil cleansing method (follow this link to read more from the source). 
The inventor of the method based her idea on one premise:

Keep in mind that oil dissolves oil. 

Which seems quite simple, so why have I not thought about it ages ago?

I have been using this method for a couple of months now, and I am astonished.
My skin hasn't miraculously renewed, nor does it look more youthful or better fed. None of the marketing BS major companies promise you happened here. Which, let's be honest rarely happen anyway. At least not to people with the kind of problems I had.

Yes had.

I have recognised that even though my T-zone is oily, my main problem areas were the dry ones, so I am using the recipe for dry skin:

3:1 ratio olive oil to jojoba oil plus a drop of tea tree essential oil per 6 spoons of olive oil.

This is different from the proposed suggestion on the page, but that's after some trial and error I went through.

this comes down to:

6 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp jojoba oil
1 drop of tea tree essential oil

For makeup removal I don't add any essential oils!

REMEMBER that essential oils are very concentrated and may damage your skin, so before using any try on a small patch of skin in a covered area.

Tea tree works very well for me as it has many healing and antiseptic properties and my skin seems to like and tolerate it well.

That, as the creator suggests, is a good cleansing method in the evening.
There is no need for any night creams after it, which for me before I've found this method, was a must, because hard water from my taps always left my skin feeling rough and dried up.

In the morning, I follow another routine which is to simply wash your face with pure natural honey.
I cover my face with a thin layer of it, massage and rinse with warm water. Then just pat dry.
This leaves my face feeling clean and moisturised.

You can find really good value honey on Amazon, for example:

Other ingredients I use are:
Plus any organic olive oil.