12 July 2016


The title might sound a bit aggressive, but it actually is just a fun abbreviation of the latest by Oxfam:

Give, Reuse, Resell, Recycle!!!


Every item you donate helps them save and change lives for the better. They can change unwanted items into life-saving essentials such as seeds, classrooms or clean drinking water.


Alongside Oxfam's online shop and High Street shops, there are pop-up shops at various music festivals which raise around £250,000 each summer to help change the lives of people in poverty.


Clothes which don't sell in their shops are collected and sold elsewhere. One of Oxfam’s social enterprise projects is Frip Ethique in Senegal where women earn a living, sorting and selling donated clothes to local market traders


As a last resort, any leftover textiles are recycled into things like mattress stuffing or car soundproofing. But it is your high quality donated items that raise the most money for Oxfam's work.

I have just donated 10 bags full of good quality clothes (sometimes new with tags!) to not only follow up with my de-clutter plan for 2016 but also help their cause.