05 August 2016

How do you deal with bullies?

Title: Aggression
License: Creative Commons 3 - CC BY-SA 3.0
Creator: NY - http://nyphotographic.com/I
I haven't been in the movement, if Iay call it like that, for a long time but I have already encountered my fair share of mockery or even outright hostility.

Sometimes it comes from fiercely loyal employees of well known drug stores who feel my reusable sanitary pads are some sort of attack on their department stores. Other times it comes from people who think it is right to dress their laziness in the clothes of common sense and deny me any sense at all.

Regardless of the reasons it is always unpleasant and hurtful.
Especially that what I do will benefit these people as well.

Have you ever encountered people like this?
How do you deal with their terrible behaviour?
How do you keep up your spirits?