08 February 2017

Children with a loud voice

My name is Ella Meek and I am 11 years old. My sister (13) and I are running our own campaign called Kids Against Plastic against single-use plastic beverage items, mainly plastic bottles. Our website is www.clearplasticuk.net in case you are interested. 

This is how the Kids Against Platic initiative has been introduced to me. In an email. A bold, very sweet and enthusiastic email.
And of course, I was interested! After all, what I'm doing with this blog, and with my shop is done mostly for the future generations. For my daughter, her children and all these kids who are against plastic and care about our planet.

Grownups often get engrossed in everyday life small issues, burdened with daily routine and disillusioned by the mighty power of corporations who stroll across the Earth without any care for the wellbeing of its creatures.

Like the recent HSBC exposure. See more on Greenpeace UK.

So it is of paramount that children like Amy and Ella get our support, and never give up their enthusiasm!

They've started a petition to the largest UK supermarket chain: Tesco, to provide alternatives to bottled water, you can sign it here.

And they are touring around the UK running their Water Table; an interactive table explaining the issues with plastic.

The Water Table