12 April 2017

Storing food part 2 - or how to deal with tricky food

My personal list of tricky foods that went to waste (OMG yes I said it) previously is quite short:

  • Raspberries and Strawberries
  • Mushrooms
  • Crispy vegetables such as lettuce or kale

Bowl Of RaspberriesMould - or what looks as if berries were growing fur is caused by fungal spores and bacteria.

The best way to kill those spores and germs is to give your berries a brief wash in vinegar, followed by water one then dry them throroughly (by spinning or placing on a towel for a couple of minutes) and store in a container in the fridge.

Container can't be airtight, as there will be some mistore left from washing and it needs to escape.

Fresh Mushrooms
Slimy - mushrooms need to breathe or they will become limp, slimy and spongy.

Never use plastic bags to store them.

Opt for paper or waxed bags instead.

You might want to use: If You Care - Paper Sandwich Bags

KaleLimp - this happens because stored in the fridge these vegetables are in constant humidity, and this isn't good for most of the vegetables (except celery)
To stop this from happening line the drawer in which you keep your veggies with something to absorb moisture you'll keep your leaves fresh and crisp for longer.

Try: ecoegg bamboo kitchen towels