07 July 2017

Cute energy?

It's summer, so I thought a lighter post would be nice.

I bet that when you think of photovoltaic cells otherwise called 'solar panels', you envision a field of grey, slightly reflective surfaces. Except for its positive impact on the environment a rather boring view.

Let's play the game of associations a bit longer. Think China.
What comes to your mind? Bamboo? Terracotta army? I'm sure Pandas are on your list. They're first on mine, and knowing how proud and protective of their national animal Chinese are it comes as no surprise that they've used two kinds of solar panels in a very inventive way.

It was November 20th, 2016 when the Panda Power Plant in Datong, Shanxi province has put an adorable face to renewable energy.

It was a joint initiative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Photovoltaic Green Ecological Collaborative Organization (PGO).

The manufacturer has an installed capacity of 100MW (megawatt) of cells.

A 100MW Panda Solar Power Plant can provide 3.2 billion kWh green power in 25 years, which is equal to saving 1.056 million tonnes of coal, 2.74 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission, 26,000 tons of sulphur dioxide emission, 24,000 tonnes of nitrogen oxide compounds emission, and 1,600 tonnes of dust emission.[1]

But being a cute source of clean energy isn't this plant's only job. The power plant will also house an activity centre for Chinese youth. The United Nations will cooperate with China Merchants New Energy Group Limited (CMNE) to promote the young generations’ awareness to the green energy.

Apparently, there are plans for these cute fields to be built across the globe!

1. Panda Green Energy Group Limited