18 October 2017

Eco friendly roasting bags test

I hope you don't mind that I've decided to share some real photos from my eco-life.
The reason I'm a bit shy about is that they are not as glamorous as the ones made by professional photographers and are not photoshopped.

They are how life looks like and that's why they are trustworthy.

They will show you what can you expect from a product I sell in zerowaste.market.

What I went for.
These are large fish. It's a dinner plate they are on so you can see the scale. 
I've decided to put each one into a separate bag to see how would different wrapping work. I was concerned that juice would either seep through or leak out the closing. I've added a lot butter to see how will the paper react with hot fat.
This is after baking.
As you can see barely any process visible. Both wrapped fish were secure, even though I have wrapped one completely the wrong way! There is a suggestion on the box on how to do it best, but I wanted to see what happens if I'm not careful and put it upside-down on the rack.

Non-stick Medium Parchment Bags - box of 6  - £5.15
My feelings
I've used the medium bags to prepare my fish dinner, but it's true, they are big enough to fit a whole chicken, and a large one too. Not a turkey, there's a different size of bags for that.
I'm happy with the results and will definitely be using these.
I don't like the idea of using plastic bags to prepare my food and these are an excellent alternative.
If you're used to plastic bags these might seem a bit more stiff, but for anyone who has some experience with baking using baking paper that's exactly how it feels.

In general I think it's a brilliant product.

I have also tested it with vegetable and it still holds, no spillage, no leaking, which means that vegetarians will be happy as well :D