Replacement ideas: Other

Markers, Pens and Disposable writing tools

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  • Pencils
  • Wooden fountain pens
  • Electronic notepads and pens
  • Mobile applications
  • Waterbased refillable markers

Paper books and e-readers

  • Don't buy e-readers. You most likely already have a tablet or a mobile. You don't need an extra device just to read stuff.
  • Look for second-hand books if you have to have them on paper (only acceptable explanation is if they are not available in electronic version, though),
  • Join a library, not only will you support local community this way, but save environment,
  • Check book exchange websites and applications

Along my way, I'm trying to find suitable, not over-priced and sustainable solutions to everyday items we consider irreplaceable, or simply a must and generally are made of plastics or other trash materials, but that can be replaced.

If you have some good ideas please share them below!